At the University and first walk at the Botanic Gardens

Freeway plantings on the way to the University.

Just can't get away from Wilson Avenue, no matter how far we go.

Here's where we enter the Math building at the University of Puerto Rico at San Juan.

Inside our host's office. Heeralal Janwa and Rick begin their discussions. Heeralal is a former postdoc at Caltech. He and Rick have collaborated on articles before.

Heeralal's wife Sita drove us to the Botanic Gardens at the end of our first day. We had time to walk the wild path's through huge bamboo and fruit trees.

Under the mango tree.

two mangos

Becoming one with the flowers.

star steps

"Jack-fruit" in the trees

Kath imagines this is what the inside of her brain would look like if it fell out.

wildlife in the tropical pond

Rick trying to help

Not quite sure which way is best.

Click to hear the bamboo creaking and the "coqui" (frogs) singing. (the loud cracks and creaks are the bamboo bending in the wind and the chirps sound like birds, but they are frogs, we are told) in this very spot, pictured above.

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