HARRY'S SECOND DAY December 1, 2004

We slept soundly that first night, with visions of that last renaissance dance...
Kathy came out of her percussion collection corner (on the left) and ended the evening with bang!

Harry and Rick took up where they left off from the previous night...

But before you could blink, keyed flutes were soaring into the nineteeth century. (Harry and Rick played their KrazyKat concert together in Berkeley in June on such flutes). You can even hear sound samples on their KarazyKat Page

Harry enjoyed creating beautiful meals... you can see the leftover sausage and ham appetizers have been recreated here for lunch with a mustard cream sauce.

At dinner time we welcomed the Baroque era
when friend flutist Risa Freeman joined us from Santa Monica.

Before Harry came Kathy told Rick, if we don't do something about our silverware situation before Harry comes he is going to take us shopping! (Somehow we had only two full size forks between us in the Pasadena collection!) It took Harry less than a day to say to Kathy..."I think we need to go shopping for silverware." Harry has been a great influence on our appliances and kitchenware, as we are babies in this area. We proudly displayed our great selection of the afternoon. (It feels even better than it looks...you'll know if you come join us for some of our festivities!)

Harry made a great "vegan" meal for this occasion. as that is Risa's preference. A tofu-vegetable almond saice dish with brown rice, and Risa added a delicious vegetable quinoa grain, soy mock-chicken dish. (Not pictured...we took the napkins out of our new red bowls and filled them with these good things!)

Music by Joachim Quantz (1697-1773) was a highlight of their baroque flute trio playing. See more about flutes, and the range of
Rick's flute collection.

A relaxed after-Quanz trio, by the fire.

Rick checks Kathy's web page creations for authenticity.

Kathy made a vegan dessert, from some of our favorite treats.
A festive dish of (Soy Delicious) Creamy Vanilla ice cream, accented with wedges of "Tofutti Cutie" with medallions of sliced frozen "Gone Bananas" (dark chocolate covered bananas from Trader Joe's) and a crisp "Kyoto sweet" from our last visit to Kyoto...

Then there was one more trio left:

A trio of tool creatures Harry brought as a gift for Kathy (because she loves creatures)
a vegetable brush, a peeler and a lemon squeezer. Fun!

See some of Kathy's "readymade Oceanwork" creatures

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