at home at Rick and Kathy's before Elizabeth goes back to Skokie

Kathy had dinner all ready when they arrived, and we all sat down immediately. They were hungry after drive from Redlands, and happy to be in their home away from home! Kathy made a choice of 'Maltese' Chicken Fricassee the way Kathy's mom used to make it, peas, jasmine Rice, kasha (Rick and Kathy's recipe), Thai Tofu-Chicken Curry, artichokes with dip, and brie cheese and crackers.

Rick was happy to have us all together!

The girls talk to their moms on the cell-speakerphone. Everyone was happy with the care package of treats that Georgie had sent them in Redlands.

After a half hour Elizabeth, Diana and Kathy went in the pool.

Then the hot tub. Diana and Kathy enjoyed a night talk under the stars, and Rick took pictures from our balcony.

Afterwards we were in great spirits.

Elizabeth played some Bach on the Daniel's small Italian harpsichord that is visiting our house until our Flemish one is done. Is Kathy doing a baroque dance?

Rachel made a pretty dessert for us all and had it ready after our showers. Soy and green tea ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream, and little cinnamon crackers from Kyoto.

Then it was time for painting on the zen board.

Elizabeth did this one (above).

This is Diana's. Photographing the zen paintings is really anti-zen. You paint in water, and the painting disappears gradually after about five minutes.

Elizabeth's short visit has been full of love and music,
and has been a good break from her busy schedule at work.

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