by Michelle-Nicole Amber Seton Endress

A very long time ago,

in a land so very far away...

There lived a Mama - a mama camel that is.

This camel was the love of the land, for all who knew of her and had much respect for her dignity, pride and stature. She was a female much renowned in circles (near and far)— for she was charitable and trustworthy, and one who was good to lend an ear. She never seemed to have a mean word for anyone, and when in doubt, when all was lost, she would always offer a ride.

She was deliberate, at times mystical. She had been a tower of strength in this land for oh, so long, and stood the many sand storms of time. Like the pyramids of the past that still stood so tall— she was an instrument of her peace— brick by brick— built by experience, by traveling down paths hardly traveled by most. She exhibited such (and was worn in her gait, to boot).

She had a child once, her name was CHILD but most called her MARIE. For this child too was the love of the land at that time. For Mama and child, and child and mama, they were always one together... through sand storms, and trouble, through wars and later revenge. She was like the lion— drawn in the sand— for no one could touch her child, no one could touch her friends.

She was born of little means, and she he had been brought to the sands of time from a far off city called Said. Said was a famous fishermen's wharf— for fish was the treat and catch of the day. This camel's name was NANA SEA. NANA SEA used to transport the fish from the Sea of Meditterainia to the grand palaces OF THE MIGHTY for distribution and then back again. She (NANA SEA) was regal and majestic in her own right, for she was a powerful camel— her closest friends called her ZEZA.

NANA SEA had spent her last days in the fisherman's wharf tending to her duties with love, love and glee for the precious two in her life: her precious precocious daughter, MARIE, and JOHNATHON, her sturdy son, who later was sent off on a ship rumored to be sailing for the outskirts of land called US. She loved so these two (and them her as well)— She passed.

Now Marie was sturdy in her own right for she was "One good hump or two!" her grammar school friends liked to giggle. She grew to be a magnificent camel herself, and she gave birth five times— mated to a grand camel by the name of "WIN". "WIN" was a wiley sort who was known to be good with scribes, whose job it was to chisel important news and events throughout the land in stone. WIN was a good sturdy carrier of stone and his descendents were rumored to be some of those that took part in the great pyramid uprisings of years ago.

Marie had three daughters and two sons. There was her first "LEEN" a tall and handsome female, — sturdy and soft and sublime. Then there was "STEFANAPOLIS"— he was what some camel lovers call a "singer" for he liked to whine in mid hoof. Then there was "REEN" — the "seed dropper". Finding herself in the middle of the caravan, she dropped seeds in the sand to see if the birds could tell the difference. "MICAL" he was a painter who enjoyed cider runs and always seemed to leave a trail behind him. Finally there was "PUDDING". She was known in the family as the WEEPER. PUDDING was adamant about her Mother Marie always making sure there was enough pudding... because her older brothers and sisters loved the pudding and hardly left some at all... for PUDDING...was the weeping camel— for this is her story, and why she weeps.

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