When we celebrated Kathy's Mom's 83rd birthday in Santa Barbara, we invited Patrick to play Strauss waltzes on the virginal we had rented from another friend, Curtis Berak (a builder of keyboard instruments, and player and collector of antique hurdy-gurdys). Patrick immediately agreed to our unusual request, and it brought smiles and happy childhood memories to Mary, Kathy's Mom, and all of our friends and family. Rick and Patrick played other pieces to the delight of our audience.

GUEST ARTIST and friend, PATRICK LINDLEY, is a composer and a faculty member in UCSB's Drama Department, Division of Dance, Lindley has two degrees in harpsichord and musicology from the New England Conservatory of Music. He was the first harpsichordist to receive the prestigious Beebe Award for European study/travel, where he studied with Nadia Boulanger in Paris and Gyustav Leonhardt in Amsterdam. He has performed in many cities in the United States and abroad.

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