We stayed for one night at "The Dana at Mission Bay"

Tim suggested this lovely hotel on the bay because his sailboat is one of these moored nearby. We had a suite, with a room with a view for Colleen. We enjoyed it tremendously, especially since our corner suite looked out on the bay, was so private and perfect for the three of us.

A view into Colleen's room.

We had visitors in our room. Looks like a "Rye-Rye" and two tigers!

The next morning after a very good sleep in our spacious, beautiful suite, we went to breakfast with Tim, Dylan and "Rye".

It was a cool morning, and Dylan was busy coloring.

Not only had he taped up our drawing of yesterday to serve as a tote bag, full of toys and supplies but he had decorated the other side.

After breakfast a rare walk with Auntie Colleen!

Some rare birds along the shore.

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