CaLokie, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Kath and Rick Wilson
to see the Robert Motherwell Exhibit
August 11, 2007

This is the exhibit we came to see (the day before it closes!) go to the Huntington's exhibit description

photo by Rick

Both Don and Kath wrote a short poem for each painting, and during our spontaneous reading, back and forth, we realized it was a fine unconcious collaboration.Our poet friend CaLokie, center, was amused and delighted. Read the resulting poem "Where is the Motherwell"

Behind the poets, eavesdroppers on leaves (photo by Rick)

Rick was quick to point out damage to the infrastructure, which made poetry in this location dangerous (photo by Kath)

Kath took dictation from CaLokie, we'll link to a whole set of CaLokie garden poems soon (photo by Rick)

a tree without a poet (nice colors)

A tree with a poet (much better)

a poem coming out of Don's head (photo by Kath)

a poem coming out of Kath's head (photo by Rick)

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natural collaboration (photo by Rick)