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(JULY 28, 2004 – AUGUST 2, 2004)

Don't think we were going off on our own, on the loose in Kyoto!

No, we were being well taken care of, and under the watchful eyes of our two friends and hosts for the day, Ryoh Fuji-hara (right) and Yuki Mutoh (left). You can just tell from the looks on their faces, they were not going to let us get into any trouble.

(By the way, Yuki was our guest at our home in Pasadena while he was visiting Caltech several months ago, and is a co-author on a recent paper with Rick, which Rick presented at the conference here. Here he is asking Rick a question after Rick's recent talk, "More on decompositions of edge-colored complete graphs".)

But look, as soon as we arrived in Nara, we were getting into trouble!

What, you might ask, is that???

Well, it is one of these! Nara is overrun with deer. Along with our host, and kind organizer of the conference in Kyoto, Shinji Kuriki (on Kathy's left, and holding the umbrella) they greeted us at the station in the rain. You can just see Shinji's lovely wife, Junko, who also accompanied us on our adventures in Nara, which is their home city. Here she is with Yuki, just after we arrived. What did they know that we didn't know?

We weren't the ones that bought those deer cookies. Now Rick is being overrun with deer, and we just got here! That one just bit Rick on his tummy! (Rick was protecting Kathy from the deer, by the way. someone had handed Kathy the cookies and Rick grabbed them when he saw what was happening!)

Rick was trying as hard as he could to get those cookies unwrapped fast!

Well, why didn't someone warn us? We could have just read the signs!

(Seems like those deer can be grouchy sometimes!) Now, we are sure you haven't seen enough of the deer, so you will have to keep checking back for
deer sightings
but we have temples to see, and stairs to climb, and shrines to visit and a national museum to examine...

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