These mothers had not known where they were going. But knowing that Colleen had planned a special Mother's Day surprise, they were thrilled. And even more thrilled as they were led into the Marina to a beautiful small, double-decker boat.

Colleen just grabbed lots of warm clothes and told Rick where to drive us.

Colleen was rightfully thrilled with her idea, and its realization!

Grandma was boarded onto Colleen's friends' boat, docked in Marina Four, at the beautiful Santa Barbara Harbor.

It was a proud and happy Mary T. Abela Endress who had climbed the ladder on deck. (She is an experienced traveler, having sailed to America on an ocean liner when she was seventeen. She always tells us of how she had a swing on the ship and enjoyed swinging across the sea.)

Are we having fun? Colleen brought wine and snacks, for the journey.

Colleen's friend and dance partner Joel helped in the plan too.

Here's another happy group we passed once we sailed into the harbor.

Kathy's sister Maureen's daughter Sara, and son Julian jumped on board, just in time to make their Grandma Mary and Aunt Kathy smile even more.

A most beautiful happy Mother.

Sara is glowing in the sea air and evening light.

We all were happy, cold and tired.

Mom looked back toward shore and began to imagine a cup of tea!

Julian watches...the sunset was beautiful and the shore was still distant...

We were home soon enough, after a wonderful time, and having a warm Mother's Day feast.

Thank you Colleen, Joel, Geraldine and Captain Glen for an unforgetable wonderful Mother's Day excursion!

Rick took all the mother and sea lion portraits!

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