September 5, 2004
the sum of the digits of Kathy's age would be
Julian's age plus three.

Kathy and nephew Julian have birthdays close together, are good friends with a lot in common, and enjoyed the double celebration!

Kathy always feels that her birthday is really her Mom's day. It was the birth of her first child, when she became a mother and she has all the happy memories of the real birth day! Kathy's mom (Julian's Nana) Mary, is holding the pink piggy bank we bought for daughter Colleen in Korea. Kathy's sister Maureen (Julian's mom) is on the left, and Julian is on the right.

We arrived at our home in Santa Barbara just in time for lunch, and we were lucky that dear friend Lisa Turetsky (above, left) from Richmond, California was visiting her husband Stephen's sister Karin Malinowski (above, center) in Santa Barbara at this time. They both were able to join us to start the celebration.

And join us later that evening. Kathy's mom enjoyed meeting Karen too.

Kathy's daughter Colleen and Lisa are good friends too, they are both flamenco dancers. Here they are with Kathy helping with festivities.

Left to right above, Lisa, Karen and Kathy's sister Maureen were all remembering hydrangeas in their gardens growing up. Colleen had decorated our home with blue hydrangea plants and balloons.

Colleen on the left. She loves the way her mommy makes almond-mustard lamb.

Above you can see Julian opening some of his presents. A red travel bag from Colleen, a blue backpack and (our favorite) a world globe from Kathy and Rick.

We thought it was just a cuddly piggy bank when we bought it in August for Colleen on our trip to South Korea. But it actually speaks Korean when you put coins in! (We don't know what it says... there are five different phrases.) Colleen had it prominently displayed for the party.

Thank you Rick, for a beautiful birthday, and for taking all these great photos! Thank you Colleen for innumerable loving presents and preparations.

And thank you, Mom, for my birthday!

Can you believe, it really was the next day? So see you on Kathy's birthday!

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