in Mount Vernon, Ohio, a side trip from Columbus

Part 1 of 2

We were all delighted and astonished to actually be together. Theresa said we were the first from Bob's family to visit them in their Mount Vernon home.

Joe was delighted to see us, and gave us his characteristic smile from a hundred different poses.

We brought along a fascinating 'Mist of Dreams,' a gift that we bought for them at Rick's brother Phil's store 'Momentum98' in Columbus. It was even more impressive in real life, a small fountain over changing colored lights, creating a fine humidifying mist.

The boys loved it, and it inspired more interesting poses.

We were treated to music of all kinds by this wonderful musical family. First Joe, the youngest, played for us with a strong, playful touch, charming us all.We had never heard him play before.

Daniel, the second oldest, plays both trumpet and keyboard, with grace and an improvisatory flair.

The boys are growing fast, especially their legs! David, the oldest and most accomplished, played the trumpet solo from the
'Sprawling Legs Cantata' (just kidding).

David played and strongly and expressively on piano, and on his new trumpet, which will accompany him into his new adventures. A junior in high school, he is deciding where he will go to college. He is great in sciences, math, and language, as well as music.
The two oldest boys also played some trumpet duets, to our delight.

We did our part musically too. Rick played some Klezmer pieces, Kathy danced and played her drum, Rick performed 'Roslyn Castle', a Scottish Air, and we also played and sang one of favorite Robert Burn's songs 'Wilt Thou Be My Dearie' recreating our wedding 'encore'.

Lots of fun with the 'Chinese exercise balls' we brought (also from Momentum98) as a gift for Joe. They had mesmerizing spirals painted on them and looked great spinning as well as rolling in hand.

Everyone send good thoughts to Joe, battling recently diagnosed leukemia. He looks great and is active, cheerful and creative, keeping up with school at home, and doing many artistic projects. We love him.

Kathy and Rick brought hugs, and smiles of encouragement to Bob and Theresa and the boys from all the rest of the family, at our sweet reunion.

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