Beauty of Nature

Eagle (Japan)    Sharon Hawley, Chris Wesley, M. Kei   (artists Ross Anthony and Alex Nodopaka)    audio   text 
Persimmon Screen (Japan)   Christine Jordan, Erika Wilk, Deborah P Kolodji    (artist Ross Anthony )    audio   text 
Plum Blossoms (China)   Nora DeMuth, Janis Albright Lukstein, Kath Abela Wilson   (artist Pamela A Babusci)    audio   text 
Mt. Fuji (Japan)    Kath Abela Wilson Nora DeMuth, Liz Goetz   (artist Kath Abela Wilson)    audio   text 
Landscape after Snowfall (China)    Ashley Baldon   (artist B.G. Callahan)    audio   text 
Ducks & Lotus (China)    Christine Jordan, Ashley Baldon, Deborah P Kolodji   (artist B.G. Callahan)    audio   text 
Monkey Performing Sanbaso Dance (Japan)    Mira N. Mataric, Just Kibbe    (artist Ross Anthony)   audio   text 
Origins of Life (Korea)    Janis Albright Lukstein, Sharon Hawley, Taoli-Ambika Talwar   (artist Tim Callahan)    audio   text 

The Art of Daily Use

Horseshoe Chair (China)    Pauli Dutton, Alice Pero    audio   text 
Ink Stand (Japan)    Taura Scott, Kath Abela Wilson, Pauli Dutton    audio   text 
Bilum Bag (New Guinea)    Taoli-Ambika Talwar, Erika Wilk, Mira N. Mataric    audio   text 
Charger with Myna Birds (Vietnam)   Constance Griesmer, Pauli Dutton, Constance Griesmer    audio   text 
Bowl (Thailand)   Constance Griesmer    (artist Pamela A. Babusci )    audio   text 
Vase (Thailand)   Constance Griesmer    audio   text 
Rhinoceros Horn Cup (China)   Kath Abela Wilson, Pauli Dutton    (artists Kath Abela Wilson and Alex Nodopaka )    audio   text 
Table (Tibet)   Kath Abela Wilson, Monica Lee Copeland   audio   text 
Yudrung, Rug (Tibet)  Nora DeMuth, Sharon Hawley    audio   text 

Wisdom and Longevity

Yam Mask (New Guinea)    Cindy Rinne    (artist Cindy Rinne)    audio   text 
Incense Burner (Korea)   Nora DeMuth    (artist Tim Callahan)    audio   text 
Fukurojin (Japan)   Nora DeMuth    audio   text 
Shou, Longevity Sign (China)   Richard Dutton, Ashley Baldon, Joan Stern    (artists PamelaA. Babusci, Joan Stern)   audio   text 
Canoe Prow (New Guinea)   Cindy Rinne   (artists Cindy Rinne, Pamela A. Babusci)    audio   text 

Status and Adornment

Courtesan Reading a Letter (Japan)    Deborah P Kolodji, Monica Lee Copeland   (artist Tim Callahan)    audio   text 
Kogo Incense Box (Japan)   Sharon Hawley   audio   text 
Mask of Donjurno Netsuke (Japan)   Mel Weisburd (artist Stephen Linsteadt)   audio   text 
Walnut Pomander (Japan)   Mari Werner    audio   text 
Horse Netsuke (Japan)  Joan E. Stern, Mari Werner   (artist Joan Stern)   audio   text 
Gau Prayer Box (Tibet)   Maja Trochimczyk   (artist M aja Trochimczyk)    audio   text 
Female Figure (India)   Mel Weisburd, Beverly Collins   (artist Stephen Linsteadt)    audio   text 
Prince (India)   Kath Abela Wilson, Genie Nakano    audio   text 
Celadon Charger (China)   Alice Pero, Billie Dee    audio   text 
Charger Plate Quilin (China)   Mel Weisburd    audio   text 
The Marriage Bowl (China)   Rick Wilson   (artists Tim Callahan, Kath Abela Wilson)    audio   text 
Jade Earrings with Crab Motif (China)   Susan Rogers, Nancy Ellis Taylor    (artist Susan Rogers)    audio   text 
Pair of Sleevebands (China)   Erika Wilk    audio   text 
Binding Shoes (China)   Chris Wesley, Taura Scott, Nora DeMuth    (artist Pamela Babusci )   audio   text 
Ji-fu Court Robe (China)   Maja Trochimczyk, Mari Werner   (artist M aja Trochimczyk)    audio   text 
Head Ornament (New Guinea)   Cindy Rinne    (artist Cindy Rinne)    audio   text 

Religion and Faith

Bodhisattva in Yab-Yum Embrace (China)   Genie Nakano   (artist Tim Callahan)    audio   text 
Vishnu and Garuda (Indonesia)   Ashley Baldon, Christine Jordan   (artist Tim Callahan)    audio   text 
Daoist Priest Robe (China)   Nora DeMuth, Pauli Dutton    audio   text 
Buddhist Five-Point Crown (China)  Genie Nakano, Mira Mataric    audio   text 
Durga and Kali Fighting the Demon Hordes (India)   Pauli Dutton   (artist B.G. Callahan)    audio   text 
Wastewater Bowl, Rengetsu (Japan)   Peggy Castro, Kath Abela Wilson   (artist Tim Callahan)    audio   text 
Le Genie Sans Noms (Japan)   Mel Weisburd, Monica Lee Copeland, Joan E. Stern (artist Morgane Plassart)    audio   text 
Bodhisattva (Tibet)   Sharon Rizk, Nancy Ellis Taylor, Billie Dee    (artist Tim Callahan)    audio   text 
Yamantaka Mandala (Tibet)   James Won    (artist Alex Nodopka )    audio   text 
Bodhisattva (China)   Susan Rogers    (artist Susan Rogers)    audio   text 
Buddha (Pakistan)   Maja Trochimczyk    (artist Stephen Linsteadt)   audio   text 
Seated Buddha (Korea)   Susan Rogers   (artist Susan Rogers)    audio   text 
Lohan and Attendant (China)   Radomir Vojtech Luza    audio   text 
Goblins and Ghosts (Japan)   Liz Goetz   (artist B.G. Callahan)    audio   text 

The musical accompaniments for the Poets on Site Audio Tour are improvisations played by Rick Wilson, on instruments from his collection.

From top to bottom:
Chinese xiao. Notched flute played vertically; bamboo.
Indian bansuri. Side blown (played horizontally); thin bamboo.
Indonesian suling. Duct flute (sound produced as on a whistle), played vertically; bamboo.
Japanese shakuhachi. Played vertically with a flat blowing edge; thick madake bamboo.
Korean danso. Notched flute, played vertically; bamboo.
Vietnamese soa truc. Sideblown; bamboo.
Nepalese bansuri. Sideblown; bamboo.
Thai khlui. Duct flute, played vertically; rosewood.
For the objects from New Guinea, Rick is playing a bamboo mouth harp, made in the Phillipines.

To hear this tour on your cell or home phone, dial 626-628-9690 followed by the number found at the top of each text page.

Poets on Site Audio Tour 2011 of the Pacific Asia Museum's 40th Anniversary Exhibit was made on the invitation of
Pacific Asia Museum
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Drawing of the monkey by Ross Anthony, after Hokusai
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