February 14, 2005

Rick and Kathy were engaged four years ago today,
on the stone bench, facing the this "creature fountain"
at the end of the path through the camillias,
at the Huntington Gardens. Rick put a ring of real clover flowers on Kathy's finger
and that was only the beginning...

Here's Rick's valentine.

He always needed a tree for his office.
It really holds the room together.

Niece Diana (another sweetheart) came for a pre-Valentine visit a couple of days before!

A sweet heart breakfast.

Sweetheart cheese.

Sweetheart lion sent by Michelle-Nicole Amber (another sweetheart).

Kathy's sweetheart tulips and apples...notice the painting on the wall above, with the lamp and fruit. It is an oil painting by Rick from the early '60s.
Behind the tulips is a photo by Rick of an arrangement that Harry Bower
did in our home last year, of tulips and oranges.

Daughter Colleen and her Salsa Sweetheart Joel.

Happy Sweethearts!

Mom (Mary Abela Endress) made us flowery sparkly hearts
for a valentine! We added ourselves. We love you too, Mom!

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