Risa Freeman and

Monday, March 14, 2005

Fascinating Flutes Pose for Admiring Examination

Tony Bingham, was here in Southern California, nearing the end of his several month travels from his home in London. There, since the mid-1960s, (as he describes on his web pages) he been dealing in old and antique musical instruments, reference books and iconography, selling to museums, private collectors and musicians, through his shop and by mail order. The shop is in Hampstead, (North West London). He says "Here may also be had A Variety of Old and New Books, Music and Tutors, Oil Paintings, Watercolours, Engravings and Photographs of Musical Interest." Tony has published seven books of musical interest. Tony was visiting Risa and she brought him to visit us last Monday night.

Kathy enjoyed meeting Tony for the first time, and preparing a "musical meal" for everyone: shitake mushrooms, accompanied by her new inventions: peacakes (Risa's favorite) homemade ricecakes, kasha cakes, and Maltese minestra.

Rick enjoyed showing Tony some choice items from his collection.

We all enjoyed a friendly, interesting flutistic and wide-ranging conversation and the chance to eat, drink and be merry together on this rare occasion.

Thanks, Risa for arranging this fortunate gathering! We look forward to more visits from Tony whenever possible. Hope to see each of you soon again in Pasadena!

If anyone has requests for more details about these pictures or comments, we will add more information to this page.

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