An Early Thanksgiving at Maureen's in Santa Barbara, November 8, 2003

Even though it's not yet Thanksgiving, we celebrated. Kathy's son Tim and his family will be on the East coast for the holiday, so the family decided to gather at Kathy's sister Maureen's house last weekend in Santa Barbara. Sally, Tim's wife, a critical care nurse, was at work in San Diego. She will give birth to their second child in early February. So this trip in late November will be her last big trip before the baby. Tim spent the weekend in Santa Barbara, and enjoyed playing golf with friends during the day. Dylan (on the left in this photo) enjoyed playing with his favorite person in the world, Maureen's son Julian!

This was the first time that we visited Maureen's new rented home in Montecito, right outside of Santa Barbara. It has more charming little cupboards and built in nooks than we have ever seen in one house. Maureen is still studying their would be uses. When we arrived, Maureen, and Kathy's son Tim and daughter Colleen were hard at work making gravy!

Niece Sara did a 'cranberry sauce dance.

Kathy did a pumpkin dance.

Rick did an imitation of Moe (of the Three Stooges) imitating someone playing the flute...

It wasn't long before we were sitting down to dinner.Look at that beautiful happy great grandma in blue!
Also look above at more of those amazing cupboards and nooks. Maureen says that particular one belongs to Stephen, our wonderful brother who we miss at all family gatherings.

Afterwards some of relaxed by the fire

While others played with and under musical instruments...

There was a race between the family bunny rabbit and Dylan's new car.

We weren't sure if the party was just getting started or was almost over when they started to do the whipped cream on the shoulder dance...

and Dylan started eating 'oreos' in one gulp.

Grandma even started wearing red!

Maureen did a great job of making everyone at home and creating a warm family celebration!

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