A Selection of Historical Flutes and Informal Conversation
with Rick Wilson, collector and player
A Meeting with Susan Maclagan

We were happy to finally meet Susan. A modern flute player and teacher interested in historical flutes, she has been corresponding with Rick for a long time and we've all felt like we've known each other by email. She took us for a lovely breakfast at the Trellis Gardens Restaurant during the convention, and we had a wonderful time.

An in-room session:
Rick brought 16 flutes that Susan was wanted to see.

Susan got to play her first baroque flute duets with Rick. Now she is really interested in playing historical instruments.

Kathy recorded the flutes played and demonstrated during this interesting and rare session.


with Susan MacClagan
during the National Flute Convention, San Diego, 2005

Rick is playing a Euler flute, with a G#key

Susan is trying out the English Wylde flute that Rick has shown. He mentioned it was a good flute for Irish music.

Here Susan is trying the beautiful Koch flute (1825) with shell shaped keys and engraving.

Here Susan is playing a little five-key Noë French flute from about 1900.

On the hotel bedspread: The long Koch flute, an early English flute by Parker, and the French Noë .

Here the unusual Giorgi flute is being played by both.

The perplexing heavy English Radcliff flute (1927).

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