Celebrating the poetry and adventures of poet SHARON HAWLEY
Sunday, January 20 4:30 to 6 PM

This is the first in a series of Poetry Teas celebrating poets and their accomplishments. At our home in Pasadena, Sharon did a lecture-powerpoint presentation and of her 120 day solo cross-country bike trip, last summer, read some poetry written during her journey, and signed her chapbook "Pedaling West". A varied group of listeners enjoyed Sharon's presentation. This included local poets, friends of the poet who appreciated her in other contexts but had not heard her poetry before, and other listeners who did not know Sharon, but were intrigued by her adventure. This unusual gathering of friends was the perfect way to honor Sharon's accomplishments We celebrated with a "High Tea" of light dinner snacks, and drinks, and desserts. We were "Pedaling West with Centerfold Sharon" as she says. The story of Sharon's journey is currently the centerfold of the local "Glendoran" Magazine. A wonderful recent article written by poet Keith Van Vliet tells her story. We were honored to have Keith present at our gathering.
Sharon is also documenting her journey on her Pedaling West Website

Sharon reading from "Pedaling West"

You can see Sharon's tent in the woods on the TV screen, one of the images from her presentation

Kath in center with poet Lea Bermudez and poet Keith Van Vleit, author of the "Glendoran" article on Sharon's trip.

Read some of Sharon's poetry and more about her journey at Celebrated Poets Website
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