Kathy, Rick, Dinky and Silly(bird)
Welcome Seanie back to Pasadena

Dinky says...Don't look so astonished! I told you I was "dinky"! Some of the greatest people in history were short people, remember? By the way, welcome to Pasadena! (10 P.M. July 12, 2005)

Anyway, it depends on your perspective! From Dinky's point of view, it's a different story. This photo is not enhanced or changed. (See below.)

"Tired Seanie, meet Silly (Bird), Silly (Bird)" says Dinky! (He's riding Silly (Bird) for fun.) Actually, Silly (Bird) says everything twice. It was a gift from Kathy's mom, Mary, and what a prize! Perched outside our door, Silly (Bird) mimics visitors, passers-by and barking dogs, as well as every click and footstep. A wonderful addition to the family. Dinky gets a little jealous, and thinks he "eats too much" (meaning a 9 volt battery every few days).

But Dinky is learning to cope, and makes Seanie laugh, by being a dinktriloquist.

The background photo of Sean is posted outside our front door, and is an image from our visit to the Huntington Gardens, last visit.

A welcome Tango!

"I will not stay up late and eat..." Seanie said...

Collaborative Zenboard artwork by Seanie and Kathy, rivaled only by that matching face!

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