A Relaxing After Travel "Zen Day" in Pasadena


"Balance lightly, held by a friendly palm. Early breakfast dances enhance the morning calm."

"Morning paper findings make Dinky dance some more, When Seanie smiles the jet lag wilts and drops down on the floor."

"When in doubt,
rearrange the furniture."
--New guest room "altar".

Dinky says: "First things first, and defiantly found his place."
(Sean argued, and saw things differently, as much as he loves Dinky.)

So, Dinky had to be content being a dinky deity, banished to a minor altar!

"Wash Dinky's dishes."

"Learn a new instrument...and play Dinky a dance song!"

"Wake up the condominium with a baroque trumpet solo!"

"Dance on the head...
of a trumpet player!"

"March to a different drummer."

"Don't let them make you dizzy!"

"Practice treading water in a safe place."

"Try eating new things with a tiny fork"

Those are shitake mushrooms...Seanie thought he did't care much for mushrooms...till he tried these. Yum.
Or maybe it's the fun of a tiny fork? (Actual size.)

"Three's company, four's even more fun!" (Last swim of the day.)

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