We celebrated niece Sara's birthday on Sunday in Santa Barbara (October 26, 2003)

Even though we were in Santa Barbara celebrating Sara's birthday on Sunday, we had this birthday greeting in front of our Pasadena condo front door on her real birthday, two days before!

We had a delicious Chinese family dinner at a restaurant near Colleen's spa in Five Points Center. You can see her happy grandma (Kathy's mom) here, and Colleen, (Kathy's daughter's) beautiful curls.

Colleen brought this great little celebration cake, essentially a chocolate truffle, surrounded by strawberries. You can see Sara's mom, Kathy's little sister Maureen, on the left in this picture.

Sara blew out fourteen candles! (She looks cute in her braces.)

She had a 'princess glow' about her.

Especially wearing those little flowers like a crown ...one of Kathy and Rick's presents.

She's grown up a lot since this photo was taken, but she still performs on her violin.

Rick is pleased with her continued musicality, and enjoyed her birthday too!

Kathy and Sara have always been good friends. They found this creature together on a walk at the beach in Santa Barbara several years ago.

She has grown up since then, but she still has the same sweet smile, and playful delight in creativity.

And her 'Nana' is very proud of her!

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