Judi Brand visits with Randy and Rhonda and Family from the Chicago area, Saturday December 28 , 2003

Cousin Judi Brand, is giggling proudly in the center of the picture because she was able to arrange this visit. Judi's son Randy (upper left in above photo) and his wife Rhonda (lower right) and family were just in town for a few days, and Judi brought them to the Huntington Gardens and then to our home. Randy and Rhonda are both doctors, medical researchers and teachers, now working at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ohio. Their son Harris (lower left in the photo) is a senior in high school, and Elise (under Judi's elbow, and to the left of her mom in the above picture) is a sophomore. Judi is one of Aunt Elizabeth's two daughters. Aunt Elizabeth (a vivacious 93) lives in San Francisco as does her other daughter, Barbara Graham and her husband Larry. (We were hoping to see them also, but weather and airport security made it too difficult.) We enjoyed getting to know one another better, and to share some favorite things, Rick's flutes and flute playing, and Kathy's art and journals (the one in the lower right of the photo above, included a visit to Chicago). You can see some of Kathy's 'readymade oceanwork photos in the background, and also, above the fireplace, an ocean painting by Rick.

Eveyone was hungry after several hours of hiking in the gardens, and everyone's favorite was Rick's special homemade popcorn.

Above, you can see Rick gave a mini-demonstration, playing, counter-clockwise, a glass flute by Laurent, 1834; a cocouswood flute by Stephan Koch, 1825; a Bonneville silver flute, Paris, 1912; the earliest flute in our collection, a wooden one key flute, mid-eighteenth century, stamped 'Lotz'; and an ivory flute by Richard Potter, London, circa 1790.

Below you can see Randy and his Mom, Judi, enjoying their visit.

We hope to welcome them all again and visit them too, in the Chicago area.

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