Our Visit to Paris (August 16-17, 2003)

A visit with our friends Philippe Allain–Dupré and his wife, Laurence

We left Iran, feeling like perhaps we should be going straight home. We had such a wonderful time, and were tired after so many adventures! But we had planned a stop in Paris on the way back. We were so glad we did.

We were welcomed and cared for by our dear friend and renowned fluteplayer, Philippe.

After our long flight, he made us a great lunch of smoked chicken and salad with beer and wine, and we took a two hour nap. Here is a dreamy page from Kathy's jounal that afternoon.

Then, after coffee in his garden, Philippe had us smiling and full of new energy for a while.

Rick and Philippe immediately went into the world of blissful flute playing...

until Rick fell asleep playing the flute, and Philippe played him a lullaby.

We took another little nap (we had not slept the night before at all, because we had to leave for the airport at 1:30 am from Tehran...), and then took the train into the center of Paris by ourselves. We were thrilled. Even though we thought we did not need to see the Eiffel Tower, we fell instantly in love when it did this every hour (!):

We came home to Philippe's in the dark, and fell quickly asleep. The next morning, Philippe made us flutes for breakfast... he does this for himself and his friends! This is the experimental flute de jour, a plexiglass renaissance double bass in 'd'.

Actually, first we had coffee in French bowls and bread and jam, and then flutes! (Here he is in his workshop. He makes his own flutes.)

Rick played his new bass renaissance flute with delight.

Phillipe played us a solo piece...

He is playing a Rudall & Rose copy by Rod Cameron in the above photo, not his own. He performs on all kinds of flutes: renaissance, baroque, 19th century, and world flutes. He has even studied Irish flute with Matt Malloy. See his discography. He has many students in France and has taught at numerous workshops including Boxwood.

After a musical morning we took the train again by ourselves to experience the afternoon in Paris, and Kathy called her Mom from the top of the Pompidou Center. What a magical feeling to hear her voice as clear as if she were next door...Kathy's mom was in Santa Barbara!

This was the view below, as they talked...

When we got back, Philippe, who is a great cook, made us the best dinner we had in Paris! He made us duck comfit, with an amazing sauce. We will always remember that delicious meal! His wife, Laurence Pottier, was there waiting for us too. This was our first meeting, and we loved her immediately. Laurence is an accomplished recorder player, and was just back from a concert tour. As well as performing, she teaches recorder, and directs the ensemble Les Musiciens de Mademoselles de Guise at the Nadia and Lili Boulanger Conservatoire, presenting little known Baroque opera.

We slept through our last night in Paris, and awoke early to prepare for our departure.

Philippe's motto filled our hearts.

This is Philippe's flute collection, on the mantel in his music room.

We were happy to add one more flute to his collection. Rick gave him this special 'ney' that we bought at a craft fair in Tehran. The beautiful wood– burned images were done by the craftsperson we met there.

Kathy and Laurence had become fast friends.
Kathy loved giving Laurence this pendant representing her two little girls. We did not get to meet them, as they were away, but next time we look forward to that.

Here are the real, charming Pauline peeking at us and and Charlotte waving hello.

Here they are singing in a concert, along with their parents. Laurence is playing recorder, Philippe is playing renaissance flute. Charlotte is right over his head, and Pauline on the far right.

Philippe drove us to the airport, and packed Kathy in the back of his van with the small organ that needed to be returned after Laurence's concert. Our next stop was Los Angeles!

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