Rick and Phil's beautiful mother Belle would have said:
That visit was just my cup of tea!"

Above you can see us smiling out of her very own teacups, which we used in her honor on Monday.

Out Pasadena guest suite and lots of love and fun provided a happy relaxing time for Phil after three long days at a busy business show in Anaheim.

Phil brought flowers, these lillies added a beautiful scent and bloom all during his visit.

On our welcome board in Pasadena you can see us waving from snowdrifts (two weeks ago in Skokie) where we had seen Phil last.

Above, the traditional 'breakfast with the newspapers ritual.'

"Hey, what's going on here?" says Rick! "That's not Kathy working on a web page!" Phil is getting his email, and checking on his sales on the internet.

Above a funny moment in our lunchtime mini Monty Python' Flying Circus festival.

Kathy had prepared roast yams especially for Phil, since she knew they were one of his favorite meals at home. Also cream of shitake amushroom soup, creamy chicken soup with kale and mustard greens, and rack of lamb. He was happy!

You can see more of Phil's flowers in different vases in the picture above.

Time for the packing ritual...
Before Phil left Kathy played him a little solo on her 'dan mo." It is a Vietnamese percussion instrument that stands about 3 feet tall. Rick got it for her in the Folk Music shop in Claremont, Ca. You can see it on the left in the above photo, at at Phil's request here is a good picture of this unusual 'creature.'

A simple teatime snack, but with so much sentiment. The little gold plates are from Harry Bower, The teapot from David Boxwell, the yellow plate holding the pomegranate is from our trip to Iran...and we had tea for three...

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