The otter and the stone

Photos and text by Rick

We went to see our otters at the zoo in Santa Barbara before we left for Pasadena on Monday morning. They had just been fed, and were not swimming, but playing in their basket. Sorry this first photo is out of focus, but they were moving. One was in the burlap-lined basket, and the other to the right.

The otter in the basket was doing something.

We couldn't quite tell what was going on. The other otter (at the right) looked in too, to see what the fuss was about.

Can you tell what was going on?

Well, the otter in the basket was juggling a small rock, throwing it from hand to hand and . . .

. . . balancing it on his chest. See the rock?

This went on for quite some time. We watched for maybe three minutes.

Finally he dropped the rock. After a tiny moment of depression, he forgot all about it. The show was over.

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