June 3 to 7, 2004

Rick's graduate advisor Dijen Ray-Chaudhuri's retirement drew us to Columbus. Rick was invited to give a colloquium lecture in his honor, and spoke at the retirement banquet. Kathy was thrilled to be among Rick's earliest collegues and to be with him where he spent three years getting his doctorate, and where he was on the faculty for 11 years.

Above, Professor Ray-Chaudhuri on the left, is retiring. We know it is hard to believe, but he is really retirement age!

Above, our lunch at the faculty club, our first morning at the University. A reunion of collegues plus Kathy. Next to Rick, left to right, Professors Dijen Ray-Chaudhuri, Neil Robertson and Tom Dowling.

Afterwards, three friends reminisce...

Rick's colloquium talk "More on Decompositions of Edge-colored Complete Graphs."

At the long table, an Indian dinner at Taj Mahal II. A gathering of friends and collegues. Click here to see Dijen and his wife Joya, who would join us tomorrow, but they were certainly on our minds tonight! On the left Neil Robertson with his wife Gisele, next to Kathy is Barbara Huneke, next to her husband Phil Huneke, who was another of the retirees.In the center is topologist Henry Glover. Peeking out to his right is Dan Archdeacon from the University of Vermont, who gave a seminar in honor of his former advisor Phil Huneke. (We were later to learn that Dan could do a great impersonation of a music stand. (See below.) Tom Dowling was there, to his right (his wife Nancy joined us the next night) click here for Tom and Nancy. Barely visible is Stephen Milne, and front right is Michael Collins from Oxford University.

At the retirement party, Dan Archdeacon saved the evening, cheerfully kneeling on the floor doing his music stand impersonation, while Rick started off the banquet celebration by playing a flute made in 1842.

Kathy joined Rick for a spirited "Freilach" with dance and percussion. We did a Scottish song by Robert Burns, and two Klezmer pieces.

The following will give you an idea of the retirement festivities.

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