Dearest Mama:

I was thinking of you and just wanted you to share this moment in time with you a little.

I love you very much - I always enjoy seeing your oh so happy face in all of Kathy's photo's - I see sometimes you are enjoyed "your cake" and I would hope you save some for me too!

The weather here in New York has been in the 50's for about a week - Mary it's the first week of February for goodness sake!!! That was after the temperature with in the teens for two weeks - I developed some minor ear problems and sinus problems due to the "fluctuations" in temperatures sort of like a ripple effect when the Staten Island Ferry leaves the dock - do you remember how much I use to enjoy watching all the bubbling waves? That was so much fun - especially when you were standing right next to me in your blue coat! I use to stand out on the deck of the ferry coming home from work in the same spot on the boat on the very same boat(!) and watched the billowing foamy bubbless rise like a beaten drums cresendo until no more leaving behind the memories of bubbles past - and thoughts of you Mama.

So what are you up to? Probably sleeping it's 4:00am right now (1:00AM) your time - I am up to put ear drop medicine in my ears (I still haven't done it but don't tell Mama - oops!).

So have you been crafting at all - can you please make me something - did you like the collage I made of the lady holding the baby - did you like that? Do you think of me when you see that - I thought of you right away.

I have been a little under the weather lately but I am starting to feel better - I saw my friend Vinny yesterday and I stopped off at STAPLES STORE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES and bought some pens - 12 for 94 cents!!! and some thick markers of different colors for a bit more - I enjoy my markers - I have added them to my journal books to make it more fun and easier and more refreshing to read - I now have maybe twenty-to-twenty five journals now which span the past oh....eight years (probably more) but my journaling has become nicer and nicer - I think you would love them. I'm growing up Mama and I'm healthier too!!! Really!!!

I have been drawing a lot more - I add sketches to my journals and I also free-hand sketches of mostly people, cartoons and some drawings from children's story books - they have come out very very nice and I am very proud of them - yesterday I did a drawing of famed football coach VINCE LOMBARDI since the Super Bowl was being played - I watched some of it but little women fall asleep sometimes watching such things and I did.

I will send you copies of my sketches.

I continue to make very pretty collages and I have expanded my terraine some - I will send you another maybe in the spring. I am very happy, contented, Theresa is doing very well STILL. Nice so nice to keep in contact with you other lovely daughter Kathleen - Kathleen and Rick sent me a chair in box - an office chair with wheels so my back doesn't hurt so much - and it is PURPLE too!! I love it - I have one problem though when ever I get up the chair rolls to the other side of the room because the floors here are warped - the building is over 100 years old - you would never know it though because it is looked after so well. Sometimes when I am busy I go to sit in my chair and end up on the floor because the chair rolled to the other side of the room - when I look for my chair it is always in the corner giggling at me.

My lease was renewed at the same rent $861.07 for another year - the rent includes free heat and hot water - I will tell you about ALL THE HEAT I GET another time - right now I cool breeze is filtering through my window pane - ouch!!! You are cool breeze of warmth to me always my dear friend and FOREVER MY MOTHER MARY!

May I please have a cookie now...see now Nana used to hide nickles and peppermints and butterscotch drops in tissues and you well you Mary hide all the cookies - may I please have now thank you very much!

Love you,

your budding
magic marker of a little one
trying to grow still
"I know I'll get this right! I know I'll get this right!"

amber s eton



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