A Visit from Michael and Alicia (August 21, 2003)

We were just back from our trip to Iran, after a stop in Paris, on Tuesday, August 19. Soon enough, we realized that Kathy's brother Michael and his wife Alicia, were in Santa Barbara, at the end of a week-long stay. We were still in Pasadena, and we could not go anywhere else, ever! So they kindly visited us Thursday, August 21st for a few hours on their way to the Los Angeles airport.

Kathy has always been close to her younger brother, Michael. She noticed his creativity early on, and encouraged his painting and sculpture, which he still does today. He specializes in special education, and teaches emotionally and physically challenged children and teenagers in the Staten Island, New York public schools. He uses his special skills in gardening and art to create community gardens and art shows and displays that get their enthusiastic participation.

He is also silly, which makes us get along so well.

After the obligatory look into our kaleidoscopic world.

We were sad to see them go. Alicia works as a teaching assistant in special education in the same school as Michael, and is working on her B.A., planning to reach Spanish and math in the schools when she is done. She was on her way to Florida to visit family, and Michael was going home.

They got the first stories of our trip, and they made Kathy especially happy.

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