The Dinner Georgie Made for Us

On Monday night (February 2) the night before we left Chicago, the snow started to fall, and Georgie picked us up from our hotel on her way home from work, and made us delicious "Chicken Kapama!"

She has a flair for Greek cooking cooking, as that is her heritage. It was to beautiful watch as well as delicious to eat.

It starts with a tomato sauce, and the essential ingredient:

a clove studded onion. More cloves than you would dare to use were patiently inserted in spirals around the globe.

While she cooked Georgie told us a great story about a young bride who was beginning to cook for the first time, asked her grandmother about a special meal to make for her husband. She was told what to do to make Kapama , but the grandmother insisted on sending a young (embarassed) relative on the bus with a paper bag containing the onion properly prepared to give to the young woman.

Georgie's version was a luscious and unusual dish, a rare treat.

Here is Georgie's recipe for Kapama, which she published in a local cookbook of recipes by musicians and their families.

A toast to Georgie for a wonderful warm family meal that we will not forget!

While we were there, we got another Greek recipe of Georgie's, for "Kefdedes", to share with you:

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