JUNE 6, 2004

It is rare and beautiful when we can reach into the past, and draw it together with the present, with full vitality and heartfelt warmth. That is what happened when we visited Rick's first wife Jean Block (on the left, below) and her partner Nancy Patton, at their home not far from Ohio State University.

Jean and Nancy cheerfully made us breakfast, and had emailed ahead to be sure they made everything just the way we would like.

Great bagels and delicious lox and smokefish and purple onions and cream cheese and coffee... We had so much fun talking about the past and present. Rick and Jean had lost touch until a couple of years ago, and had not seen one another since 1975 after 9 years of marriage.

When Jean last saw Rick he was not yet even playing the flute or begun his flute collection. So the flute he brought held special fascination. Rick later played and Kathy sang danced and played her drum in Klezmer pieces.

After breakfast we all had fun amidst their beautiful roses, and got to know how much all the four of us have in common... especially happy relationships, love and smiles!

Looking into the past, and at the treasures Jean and Nancy had collected on their trips. Jean retired from a career as a public health audiologist, and Nancy is working as a public health nursing consultant in arthritis.

There was warm connection between Kathy and Jean.

Kathy loved their rose garden.

Four friends. Thank you Jean and Nancy for a great time, and the sweet opportunity to appreciate one another, adding richness and clarity to all of our lives.

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