Mary Abela inspired recipe

Start by cooking two large onions in olive oil until golden.
(Five to ten minutes stirring and encouraging them to get brown and luscious.)
Cut up an organic chicken.
Make a mixture of flour salt and pepper with thyme and roll each piece in it to coat.
Put the pieces in a large pan heated with olive oil
and cook on all sides till nicely browned. Put aside.

To the pan where the chicken is cooked, add the onion when done.
Put the chicken back in, add chicken broth or water.
Add a lot of thyme, and salt and pepper and a little oregano to taste.
Simmer for one to two hours on a low heat.
Making this the day before and then reheating just adds to the lusciousness.
The chicken is soft, and as our Maltese Mom said, pleased with the result, "you don't need a knife".
It is so tender and delicious.

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