to our great host at the University of Delaware

Professor of Mathematics, Qing Xiang
and his wife Susan

When we arrived in Delaware, on the third leg of our trip, Qing brought us to his home, and Susan, his wife, had prepared a wonderful spicy Chinese meal in the tradition of her home in the region of Szechuan. Above, you can see her mother, and their son Andrew at the dining room table with us.

In the foreground above, is delicious 'Wintermelon Soup' with woodear mushroom and yellow lilies. Next to it, on the right is Hot Peppers with Dry Tofu with Pork. On the left, behind the soup is "Ma Po" Tofu with Pork Sauce, with pickled vegetables. To the right is Hot and Spicy Beef with Vegetables. And Asparagas. Kathy quickly noted the dishes in her journal and Susan beautifully inscribed their names in Chinese characters. Susan and Qing know that we love spicy food, and so Susan used the rare delicious experience of 'numbing pepper' in just the right proportion to enhance the experience of this meal. This is a special quality of authentic Szechuan food.

After dinner we enjoyed several pots of good Chinese green tea in their kitchen alcove.

And Andrew played piano for us. He has been studying for several years.

Susan made us a wonderful meal and surrounded us with beautiful things. These orchids were blooming in every room, and she has decorated with her own artwork, these colorful, intricate needlepoint works.
Thank you Susan and Qing for a rare and beautiful experience!

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