Hosted by his two Grandmothers

Barbara and Phyliss

at the Daily Grill
the Doubletree Inn, Skokie
Sunday, February 1, 2004

When we got home from Chicago, Rick said: "I want to go back to that brunch. When do you get to have eggs, smokefish, cream of mushroom soup, bacon, and smoked salmon all in one meal?" It is true the brunch food was really unsurpassable, except by the warm family feelings and interaction! Never was there a family gathering with more good spirits and good natured fun.

Above, is the Bar Mitzvah boy, looking sophisticated and observant...

Rick was pointing out some amusing interactions to cousin Arnie:

Sandi had brought her peacock friends...

Kathy and Barbara were doing a duet...

And then Linda and Kathy were taking turns shocking one another...

but those twin smiles show they are the best of friends!

What a happy group, such a dear reunion. Back row, cousins Arnie and Roz, Georgie, and Rick's brother, Phil. Front row, Rick and Kathy with niece Diana, and nephew Richie.

It was hard to say goodbye.

Someone almost got left behind...

Out into the cold snowy world, with the very warmest of memories.
Congratulations James!

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