Rick and Kathy have been married three years September 16. We came to northern California to celebrate with dear friends.

Harry Bower of San Francisco baked the cake (and made all the rest of the food too) for our original celebration. He and Kathy have birthdays one day apart (September 5 and 6) so we had all the more reasons to celebrate together!

Kathy wore her original wedding tiarra and a sparkly sequined dress, a gift from Harry last year.

Lisa Turetsky and her husband Stephen Malinowski (musician, composer, and creator of 'The Music Animation Machine' welcomed all the dancing, fluting and feasting into their beautiful home in Richmond, California.

Friend Jean Spenser owner of 'The Musical Offering' in Berkeley, which hosted the after KrazyKat Konzert celebration was there along with her dog Russel (left) and Lisa's dog Toby (right).

Harry made an incredible meal to celebrate again! The flowers on the table were a birthday gift from niece Diana Wilson and friend Rachel Foster, the night before we left. They came along and were the centerpiece for the celebration all weekend.

As usual, Harry cooked delicious food all day, and Kathy dressed to match. This wonderful butternut squash soup was only the beginning! (To be continued....)

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