Local Poets on Site visit the site of inspiration in person. Faraway poets are invited to join us by submitting poems inspired by websites that present the themes as a reminder for the local poets:

Colors of Paradise(Inspired by the art of Fereidun Shotofard

Art and Alchemy (Inspired by the Art of Stephen Linsteadt

On Awakening (Inspired by a series of paintings by Susan Dobay

A Brush Captures the Vision: Paintings of France and Italy by Ron Libbrecht

An Unusual Garden, The Creative World of Jean Sudbury

Amelia Chapman, Education Curator of the Pacific Asia Museum has given notice to the poets: our audio tour has won a MUSE award from the American Association Of Museums. it will be featured in the fall issue of Museum magazine. Amelia says" of course, independent of any official recognition, it has been appreciated and enjoyed by our visitors, both in the museum and online.Thanks to everyone for creating such a great tour! I will keep you posted as things develop.

See more, and hear an INTERVIEW with Kathabela Wilson on KPFK's Poet's Cafe radio program, with Lois P. Jones, about poetry and Poets on Site

To participate in the group, or to invite POETS ON SITE
write to Kathabela
or call 805-886-9384

leave comments on our Poets on Site Conversations Site

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  • Some Photo Albums and List of Events

  • *** Poets on Site Poetry Audio Tour for the Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, installed August, 2009

    Performed on site, These programs are available for re-performance on invitation:

  • May 8, 2010, Celebration of the Arlington Garden, 5th Anniversary see photos of Poets on Site in the Arling ton Garden
  • 22. April 23, 2010, Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena See Poets on Site on Earth Travel the World at Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena

  • 21. Sunday, March 18, 2010 Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena Miniatures on Miniatures Poets on Site Short Poems on Indian Miniatures at the Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena

  • 20. Saturday, March 17, 2010 Poets on Site was honored by artist Susan Dobay with a reception and invited performance of poems on her art "Where Visual Art and Poetry Meet" at Scenic Drive Gallery in Monrovia.

    On this occasion, we presented "BOOKS AND COFFEE, Poets on Site on the Art of Susan Dobay" first printing by Poets on Site's official printer, Ron Libbrecht, APC Fine Arts and Graphics Gallery in Torrance. BOOKS AND COFFEE is now available now in aperback for 12. plus shipping. write to Kathabela
    or call 805-886-9384

  • 19. Sunday March 14, 2010, "Still Life with Books and Coffee" A Lively Program of Poetry and Music inspired by the Art of Susan DobayFlintridge Bookstore and Coffeehouse
    964 Foothill Blvd, La Canada, CA 91011

  • 18. March 7, 2010 Poets on Site: "Writing the Body": The Art of Toti O'Brien, March 7, 2010, The Goodland Gallery, Goleta

  • 17.February 28, 2010 The Art of Toti O'Brien in The Living Room Gallery, February 28, 2010

  • 16. February 13, 2010 Poets on Site on the Art of Hyunsook Cho at the Pacific Asia Museum

  • 15. February 13, 2010 Poets on Site on Gifts to the Japanese Collection at the Pacific Asia Museum

  • 14. November 1, 2009, The Living Room Gallery, Art of Susan Dobay

  • 13. Sept. 26, 2009, Torrance, APC Gallery Program Poets on Site on Manzanar Watercolor Exhibit, APC Gallery, Torrance and Album of Torrance event by Jean Sudbury (video (dvd) in process)

  • 12. August 22, 2009 Celebration of the Installation of the Poets on Site Audio Tour at the Pacific Asia Museum (video (dvd) available)

  • 11. July 12, 2009 Poets on Site Discover Ganesha at the Pacific Asia Museum (video (dvd) available)

  • 10. March 19, 2009, Poets on Site on the Art of Cindy Rinne in the Living Room Gallery(video (dvd) available)

  • 9. Dec. 7, 2008 Poets on Site on the Paintings of Henry Fukuhara, APC Gallery, Torrance

  • 8. Sept. 6, 2008, Poets on Site at the 11th Annual Fukuhara Watercolor Exhibit on Manzanar, Torrance, Ca.(video (dvd) available)

  • 7. August 23, 2008 Poets on Site at the Chaffey Museum on Milford Zornes, WWII Art, China, India, Burma (video (dvd) available)

  • 6. July 26, 2008 Poets on Site on Three Generations, Milford Zornes, Bill Anderson, Ron Libbrecht, at APC Gallery in Torranceand June 26, 2008 Preview Performance for Three Generations at APC Gallery in Torrance (video (dvd) available)

  • 5. May 10, 2008, Poets on Site on Milford Zornes, a tour of his Hundreth Birthday Exhibition of Oil Paintings at the Anderson Gallery, Sunset Beach

  • 4. May 4, 2008, Poets on Site on Lotus Moon, the Art of Otagaki Rengetsu, at the Pacific Asia Museum

  • 3. April 24, 2008, Poets on Site on Earth, inspired by Fish Canyon Falls and the wild natural beauty of our area, Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena

  • 2. March 1, 2008, Poets on Site on Milford Zornes Hundreth Birthday Exhibition, San Marino Gallery, Pasadena

  • 1. February 24, 2008, Poets on Site on the paintings of Milford Zornes at the Pasadena Museum of Californis Art (our first program)


    Each program above has an accompanying book available containing the poems and artwork for the event. Request review copy. Collectors editions of all Poets on Site books are forthcoming, 2009 from Poets on Site ************

  • Order Books by Poets on Site
    Poets on Site has created over 30 anthologies of poetry to accompany their performances and we are now make them availablle in print. Write with questions. I will keep updating this as more books become available soon.
    Our NEW 2011 Audio Tour for the Pacific Asia Museum's 40th Anniversary Exhibit is now online. You can hear the Poets on Site read their poems, accompanied by Rick Wilson on flutes of Pacific Asia.

    Kathabela and Rick Wilson with Amelia Chapman, Education Curator of the Pacific Asia Museum accepting the MUSE Award at the AAM event Sunday, May 25, 2010

    POETS ON SITE Pacific Asia Museum's Poets on Site Poetry Audio Tour received a MUSE AWARD from the American Association of Museums Sunday night, May 25, at their annual meeting at the Westin, Bonaventure in Los Angeles. Amelia Chapman, Education Curator of the Pacific Asia Museum accepted the award with delight in the company of Kathabela and Rick Wilson, leaders of the band of Poets on Site. The honored audio tour poets are: Ritchie Albert, Theresa Antonia, Michael Angerman, Tom Bilicke, Peggy Castro, Pauli Dutton, Richard Dutton, Alvin Thomas Ethington, Liz Goetz, Constance Griesmer, Tom M Hall, Sharon Hawley, Mina Kirby, Deborah P Kolodji, Lois P. Jones, Janis Albright Lukstein, Radomir Vojtech Luza, Mira N. Mataric, Genie Nakano, Sharon Rizk, Cindy Rinne, Susan Rogers, Russell Salamon, Taura Scott, Margaret Hehman-Smith, Pamela Stovell, Maja Trochimczyk, Chris Wesley, Erika Wilk, Kath Abela Wilson and Wendy Wright. The audio tour was completed in spring, 2009, and entered by Amelia Chapman in the world-wide competition sponsored by the AAM, American Association of Museums. The group was invited by the museum based on previous programs created in collaboration, to write on the museum's permanent collection, culminating in a cell phone generated audio tour for visitors. The tour can be accessed world wide from the Pacific Asia's website digital lounge The tour was created by Pacific Asia Museum's Amelia Chapman and Sarah Bloom with Poets on Site, organized by Kathabela Wilson. Xiao flute improvisations were played on the recording by Rick Wilson. The superb audio production is by Julian Bermudez and John Rabe. See more details and an album of photos on the MUSE Award

    This was followed by an invitation in 2011 to create another tour. Our NEW 2011 Audio Tour for the Pacific Asia Museum's 40th Anniversary Exhibit is now online. You can hear the Poets on Site read their poems, accompanied by Rick Wilson on flutes of Pacific Asia.

    Poets on Site is an ongoing cooperative poetic writing and performance group initiated by Kath Abela and Rick Wilson with Pasadena poets in 2008. Poets write in inspiring environments in response to nature, science, and the arts, and are accompanied by interpretations on site by musicians, dancers and other performing artists, drawing on their own performing skills in every area. Poets on Site is an open group, poets and other performing artists are welcome to suggest participation. Currently over 100 poets, musicians and dancers have been part of Poets on Site, included in different programs.

    Poets on Site has performed over 30 programs at various cultural sites celebrating their inspiration. Poets on Site created for the Pacific Asia Museum, in Pasadena, the first U.S. Poetry Audio Tour of a museum's collection.

    Hear and read the poems included in the award winning audio tour of the permanent collection of the Pacific Asia Museum by Poets on Site

    Poets on Site may be found in art museums, galleries, gardens, science centers, on hiking trails, at concerts, and any unusual or beautiful place. We hope to present many more events and books, in the spirit of poetic adventure.

    Poets on Site Books are in progress for formal edition publishing of our performance editions. The first completed, with ISBN # is Books and Coffee on The Art of Susan Dobay, $12. Our printer is Ron Libbrecht, APC Fine Arts and Graphics gallery, Torrance. Order from Kathabela
    kaw@oldflutes.com Each is inspired by a different site of inspiration and was used as a script for performance.

    Poets on Site have been invited and presented programs for these hosts

  • The Arlington Garden, Pasadena
  • The Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena
  • The Pasadena Museum of California Art
  • The Anderson Gallery, Sunset Beach, CA
  • Ron Libbrecht's APC Fine Art and Graphics Gallery, Torrance, CA
  • The San Marino Gallery, Pasadena
  • Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena
  • The Chaffey Museum, Rancho Cucamonga
  • The Living Room Gallery, Pasadena

    You can call Kathabela with questions

    Kath Abela Wilson
    for Poets on Site
    439 S. Catalina Ave. #306
    Pasadena, CA 91106

    Kathabela and Rick Wilson
    at the Pacific Asia Museum, July, 2009

    Participating Poets on Site

    Millicent Borges Accardi, Ritchie Albert, Lynn Halley Allgood, Michael Angerman, Ali Al Ameri, Theresa Antonia, Jerry Ball, Marcia Behar, Pamela A. Babusci, Julie Bagish, Martin Bagish, Asley M. Baldon, Tom Bilicke, Lia Brooks, Diana Budd, Anhthao Bui, Peggy Castro, Sharon Chmielarz, Beverly M. Collins, Monica Lee Copeland, Ranko Damjanovic, Amanda Dcosta, Nora DeMuth, Denise Dumars, Paulie Dutton, Richard Dutton, Connie Earnshaw, Alvin Thomas Ethington, Kendall Evans, Ines Foley, Elsa Frausto, Kim Friedman, Olga Garcia, Barry Ira Geller Victor Gendrano, Liz Goetz, Constance Griesmer, Sharon Hawley, Irene Hadeishi, Lindy Hill, Renee Hoffman, Lois P. Jones, M. Kei, Just Kibbe, Karen Klingman, Mina Kirby, Claire Koehler Deborah P Kolodji, Alan Kung, Daniel Lambert Janis Albright Lukstein, Radomir Vojtech Luza, Mira N. Mataric, Marie Toby Mc Manmon, Beatriz Vaca Mendoza, Naia, Genie Nakano, Nerme, Christina Nguyen, Ruth Nolan, Alex Nodopaka, Toti O'Brien, Dean Pasch, Alice Pero, Cindy Rinne, Sharon Rizk, Susan Rogers, Russell Salamon, Amir Sapir, Taura Scott, Beth Shibata, Fereidun Shoktofard, Margaret Hehmen-Smith, Antonio Sorcini, Mary Frances Spenser, Kathi Stafford, Joan E. Stern, Pamela Aird Stovell, Stevie Strang, Bryn James Tales, Taoli Ambika Talwar, Nancy Ellis Taylor, Beverly Tift, Maja Trochimczyk, Mari Werner, Chris Wesley, Erika Wilk, Kath Abela Wilson, Gary Winters

    Participating Musicians on Site

  • Niranjan Balachandran, keyboard, percussion; Ander Frausto, cuarto and guitar, Van Fox, Tibetan thigh bone trumpet; Liz Goetz, violin; Chithra Khrishnamurthy, voice and percussion; Megumi Mizushima, percussion; Asuncion Ojeda, flute, kulintang; Steven Radice, guitar, cuarto, Naresh Satyan venu, (South Indian flute) Phil Schlosberg, viola da gamba; Paul Sherman, oboe; Jean Sudbury, violin; Murali Pavithran Vasudevan, violin and voice, Kathabela Wilson, voice and percussion, Ukulele Bart, ukulele and cavaquinho, Rick Wilson, Antique European, American and World flutes

    Paticipating Dancers, Actors Anampanu Aranaprasad, South Indian Classical Dance; Stella Kafka, bellydance; Peter Muglebee, Tai Chi; Genie Nakano, improvisational dance; Radhika Marathe, North Indian Classical Dance, Cecilia Yu (playing the part of Rengetsu)

    ARTISTS WITH SOLO SHOWS IN "THE LIVING ROOM GALLERY" ARE CELEBRATED WITH A BOOK OF POETRY ON THEIR ART. Our artists have been 1. Cindy Rinne 2. Susan Dobay 3. Toti O'Brien 4. Stephen Linsteadt 5. Ron Libbrecht 6. Fereidun Shoktofard

    Contributing Artists in Performance and Books Ross Anthony, computer drawings, Pamela A. Babusci ink paintings, Julie Bagish, ceramic art; B.G. Callahan, drawings; Tim Callahan, drawings; Nancy Keyes, assemblage; Stephen Lindstead, drawings, paintings; Steven Radice, etching and improvisation; Cindy Rinne, fabric art, drawings; Susan Rogers, drawings; Alex Nodopaka, computer art drawings; Pamela Stovell, computer collage; Taoli Ambika Talwar, painting; Maja Trochiczyk, computer art; Kath Abela Wilson, drawings, natural readymade art photography. Also thanks to the many poets who have contributed photographs of the art objects that are the subjects of their poems

    Recording and Videos thanks to Rick Wilson with the assistance of Ritchie Albert, Michael Angerman, Endre Dobay, Van Fox, Sharon Hawley, Taura Scott, Beth Shibata, and Jean Sudbury

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