Original works for one-key flute

The files available below are 300 dpi ".gif" scans of the handwriten scores. They are approximately 100K each in size. Download or save them to your computer and print them from there.

Time Begin Again (1998) is a setting of Kathleen Wilson's poem of that same name. For one-key flute and soprano.

Resumé (2000) is a short but effective piece for one-key flute and harpsichord. Play it slowly—it must not be rushed. There is one low C in this piece; it was written for performance on a copy of a Denner flute by Rod Cameron which has an extended foot joint.

The three Canonic Fantasies (1996) are for unaccompanied one-key flute.

Sonata in g minor for baroque flute and harpsichord (undated, perhaps intentionally?). Three movements. This is written in a style that might have been that of one of J. S. Bach's sons or students! The range is, except for two notes, the usual d' to e''',