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Fred Kasper was an exceptional player of the baroque flute. He made a number of transcriptions of music for the one-key (baroque) flute, and he wrote original compositions for the instrument, as well as chamber works for other instruments. We will make some of these works available below. They are Copyright (C) Fred Kasper but may be used in any way you wish as long as the work is acknowledged as Fred's.

Please let us know if you perform any of these pieces. If you have questions about the notation, you may ask us (but we may not know the answers). Click here to email Kathy and Rick Wilson. If you feel you want to express some appreciation, or just to remember Fred, please consider a small contribution to the Boxwood Festival's Fred Kasper Memorial Scholarship Fund: see

Original works for one-key flute

Transcriptions for unaccompanied one-key flute

Transcriptions for two one-key flutes

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