Fingering of Louis Dorus

Conical Boehm flute by C. Godfroy, c.1845

This fingering chart for the conical (ring-keyed) Boehm flute is taken from Louis Dorus' L'Étude de la Nouvelle Flûte (Paris, c.1840).

The flute described has a Dorus G# key. Early Boehm flutes have no thumb Bb key, and the side lever is for B (not Bb), and C/B trills.

In the fingering chart, the holes/pads for the low C and C# keys are labeled 'A' and 'B'. The D# key hole/pad is labeled '1'. The touches and the pads bor the D# and D trill keys are labeled '2' and '3', respectively. The G# hole/pad is labeled '4', and the thumb key assembly is labeled '5'.

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