On Saturday, November 5, 2005 at Boston Court, Pasadena

(Kathy's review) The pulse of the world could be felt last night in the small theater room at Boston Court in Pasadena, a ten minute walk from our home. Lynn Vartan touches her audience with the voice of their own hearts. Freely expressive and intense during her solo percusssion concert, she played a wide span of pieces, including complex contemporary composed works, (works by Kevin Volans, Joeseph Schwantner, and Donald Crockett), a conga drum improvisation, and arrangements of Armenian folk songs, speaking from her own heartfelt roots. During the concert we heard marimba and drums of many kinds, and a multitude of percussive metallic and wooden voices. After the concert for a relaxed half hour she answered questions and shared her musical experiences with the same candid directness with which she plays, charming her appreciative listeners and inspiring her lucky students. PROGRAM
November 5, 2005

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