An Exciting Day 5
A Journal:December 22, 2003

Here's a quick review of Sean's fifth day ... from Santa Barbara to Pasadena:

Sean woke up into his 'dream world' vacation, and loved our home in 'club med' (he says it is like that). Here's the front of the 'El Escorial' where we have our condo, and Sean says if you thought our place in Pasadena was great, you should see this! It is a smaller condo, but the jungle atmosphere within, and the Mediterranean surroundings of the grounds made him smile.

After a candle lit breakfast with us and Colleen, listening to the waterfall on our balcony...

Here he is luxuriating in the beautiful spa by the pool.

No sooner did he walk up the hallway after a relaxing soak, but the door swayed open for him. We were having an earthquake! A special event, not available for all guests.

Sean captured the event artistically.

After we got over the earthquake (It was a 6.4 near Cambria, about 100 miles north of us, so it was just a long gentle back and forth sway where we were) Colleen and Kathy and Sean went to the zoo (a one minute walk from our condo). We even call our place 'the zoo'. Of course, we're all members. Everyone at the zoo was taking a nap, after the big quake, and Colleen woke them all up!

We discovered dance stages scattered amidst the zoo grounds, so Sean and Colleen entertained the animals with some salsa!!

We packed up, and Colleen brought Sean for a last visit to 'grandmama! A highlight of Sean's day, and grandmama's too!

Sean got to observe some LA traffic on the way back to Pasadena, as our 2:30 departure (we usually leave earlier) made the trip take 2 hours instead of one and a half.

After a dip in the Pasadena hot tub, we were off for a very special dinner special dinner at 'The Athenaeum" the faculty club at Caltech, (where we had our family pre-wedding dinner) where elegance and delightful presentation is the norm. Sean had a fried green tomato appetizer with tofu and ginger, and chicken parmigan. The little spicy chicken appetizer is served first as a surprise, and a pineapple sorbet in a glass flower between couses.

We walked back in the beautiful California night air, past the giant holiday 'L' over the Caltech library and reflecting pool. You guess why it's an 'L'. We don't know. Sean thinks it stands for "love" Rick thinks it might stand for 'Loyd House' one of the student houses who might have proudly installed it. Sean thinks it stands for "love".

At home it was Dan Mo time, and Kathy and Sean an played lots of lullabies, till we all fell into another dreamworld.