A Journal:December 18, 2003

Here's a quick review of Sean's day in Pasadena:

a 'zen board' morning!

Sean played at least '6 impossible songs before breakfast...'

Our traditional breakfast with the papers...

Sean volunteered

Klezmer rehearsals began... an unlikely pairing...

A swim in the pool and a dip in the hot tub ...December in Pasadena...

We walked two miles to the Norton Simon Art Museum and saw a great Picasso exhibit

We walked in the beautiful sculpture garden there

It was a night garden by the time we left

A great Thai dinner at Taste of Bangkok

Sean was inspired...

We stopped at the 99cent store on the way home

We began our viewing of one of our favorite wonderful hilarious Gilbert and Sullivan videos...this with Kevin Kline as the pirate king

Sean got tired...(still on NY time...)

It was a wonderful day!