January 19 and to 20, 2005

A wonderful phone call announced the presence, not far from in our fair city, of our very favorite friend and flutemaker, Scotsman and Mendocino resident, Rod Cameron and his sweet wife Kathleen. Never was there a happier circumstance, as we gathered our wits about us and welcomed that very night to our humble but cheery abode... those two dear beings who grace the world with their presence and make it a far better place. Here they are meeting Rick by the reflecting pool after his teaching day at Caltech.

It is to their daughter, fair Katrina (who has migrated to Los Angeles) that we owe their illustrious presence. Katrina is an aspiring actress, of many talents...(stepdancing and a flair for impersonation and wit among them). They were here to celebrate her birthday and we were the beneficiaries of a bit of spare time that her auditions afforded her parents!

(The photo above was taken at our wedding celebration 3 years ago. Katrina was able to join us, although Rod and Kathleen were not able to be in town.)

They found the traffic from Glendale to Pasadena no problem in mid-afternoon, so they arrived early, in time to accompany Kathy to the local Trader Joes, a short walk away, to purchase the makings of a feast.

Kathleen chose this appropriate bouquet as a gift to us, knowing full well, how we love the sunny color of our home!

They enjoyed our Pasadena hideaway, a far cry from the bustle of Los Angeles, where their daughter has so kindly escorted them along the crowded freeways and noisy streets. Their home in the town of Mendocino (population 1100) is another world away... Kathleen works hard to preserve its unique beauty beautiful coast, and late nineteenth century architecture.

Rod is an amateur astronomer, as well as a master flutemaker, and he took this classic photo in front of our condo, of the moon.

Rod said our home smelled like Scotland while Kathy prepared the "national dish". Lamb. Rod and Kathleen loved Kathy's version of almond-mustard rack of lamb. Wine and good conversation were the best sauce!

Kathleen and Rod graced us with us an after dinner Scottish tune. Kathleen's charming voice can often be heard accompanying Rod as he plays guitar, fiddle or harpsichord if one might be before him.

It was a watery song...Kathleen took charge of the kitchen beore anyone could notice and before all four of us leapt into our condo pool and hot tub together...(not pictured).

Rod gave a glance at the great collection of his own flutes that resides in our home.

And then returned the next day for some more serious "fiddling", adjusting a key here and a there...

Rod as well as making fine adjustments, attempted some photography, since he had before him the largest group of flutes of his own making under one roof!

Rod and Kathleen, what a treat to have you with us, please visit Katrina again soon!! (We would love to see her too!)

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