also readings from IN THE ARMS OF WORDS (Katrina Benefit Anthology) as part of the MONDAY NIGHT POETRY SERIES, graciously hosted by Don Kingfisher Campbell a fine poet and poetry advocate in the Pasadena area. Don gave Kathy a warm welcome, and she obviously enjoyed reading (See Rick's photos below).
Featured & Open Readings... every 2nd & 4th Monday night of the month... from 8:00 to 9:30pm... inside the back room of the SANTA CATALINA BRANCH OF THE PASADENA PUBLIC LIBRARY... on 999 E. Washington Blvd. in Pasadena... (Two blocks east of Lake Ave. on the north side of Washington Blvd. Park and enter to the rear of the library)

Kathleen Wilson reading "Gathering Diamonds"
at Monday Night Poetry in Pasadena, December 12, 2005

--photos by Rick Wilson

Gathering Diamonds

I am alive again--
(window and door, curtain and floor)
wide open vision of what is here.
But out of the dim long past comes memory:
song that sings itself,
finding the way through passages black and deep,
groping through earth tunnel
or palace walls,
blind searching in the night
for something,
mind glimmering,
I knew was here, and treasured,
in the ancient days.
Now in the corridors of memory,
mind rotates
like a gleaming coal afire and motion ceases

Figure of darkness, fossil specter rising,
black and fearsome, carbon born,
mind buried, ages past,
long I have known you,
and long unknowing,

Vast earth changes,
wave and glacier roar
with a mighty, devastating ease.
Mind in a moment knows
the passing of eons.
washing, pebble smooth,
the elemental jewel
I placed here,
ages ago.

Now joy, mind's morning:
I am with familiar hands,
gathering diamonds,
and know
wind brushed in the night,
moonstone and meteor
with fresh born, aged eyes.
Mind opening vision of an ancient sun,
gift of awakening sight has come:
morning I am alive again.

--Kathleen Wilson

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