at the International Book Fair in Belgrade 2005

Congratulations on receiving the Literary Award Arsenie Charnoevich, 2005

In the fall of 2005, Mira Mitaric received a prestigious literary award "Arsenie Charnoevich" from the Government of Serbia, Ministry of Culture and the Association of the Writers of Serbia, her homeland, for the life's achievement in building cultural bridges between the English and Serbian speaking worlds. Mira has two master degrees and a Ph.D. in linguistics and world literature. She taught English, Creative Writing, Russian and Special Education at the University of Belgrade in Europe and in the USA. She has published 23 books of poetry, short stories, memoirs, literary critiques and a novel, and has about two thousand citations in various publications on three continents. She has actively translated from English into Serbo-Croatian and vice versa, since 1952: John Steinbeck's posthumous novel "King Arthur," Bashevis Singer, Edna O' Brien, Katherine Mansfield, Victor Contoski and numerous other American, British, Irish, Swedish and other poets and prose alike. She regularly contributes to leading magazines of Europe and the USA with her poetry, prose and translations, and has also has received American and British literary awards.

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