August 3, 2004

Dearest Mom:

Hello HON-EY!!!

I just wanted to say to you that it was so very nice to hear your voice THREE TIMES over the past week - give or take a few cell phone interruptions of course. I still haven't figured out who was checking up on who - me OR you!!! Nevertheless it is such a joy to speak with you and chit and chat - over maybe tea? I still take TWO LUMPS but the again I've taken more than my share over the years so I should keep that to myself - I shouldn't ask for any more lumps than I can handle - goodness! we are safely home again...what a WONDERFUL TRIP we just took...did you ever get to see all of SANTA's (I mean Rick's) Rheindeers??? They are so adorably cute - I want one - no MAMA not RICK!!! The rheindeer...goodness! Did you get to see all the hats Rick was wearing yet - he is so inconspicious in all those photo's that you miss a few of the different colored hats he wears. Rick must have been really tired or just a big ham because Kathy took most of the pictures during "our" trip. I love the pretty pictures of the plane taking off and landing. Especially of the one as the plane first comes into Korea - what a sight - your daughter is such a wonderful photographer but then again, just maybe her husband might take all the credit for that picture.

I feel like I've gained thirty (30) pounds on all that food - no Mama not all the Korean and Japanese dishes - ALL THAT POPCORN Rick was eating - he sure does L O V E popcorn doesn't he?! By the way Mama, if you ever find the Rheindeer pictures I doubt Rick will admit it but I think he was feeding all those Rheindeer some of his GREATEST popcorn to protect HIS wife and YOUR gorgeous daughter - isn't Kathy lovely!!! And Rick... well...Rick is well...let's just say - A HUNKY FELLA!!

I like Rick - he's a funny one - some kind of KRAZY KAT too...he's a music buff, plays the flute, loves the THREE STOOGIES - so what does this all add up to? Why he's a mathematician of course and that right away tells you he keeps his check book up to date - mostly by allowing his lovely wife Kathleen to shop ONLY at 99 cents stores and then he spends the rest of his money on - yup Mama you guessed it...THE GREATEST POPCORN in the whole entire world ever!!! And that includes Korea, and Japan, and Iran and many more countries to come!!!! You can count at that - especially if it's FREE - ah the life of Mathametics Professor - he claims his best addition is Kathleen and his least favorite subtraction - POPCORN WEEKLY MAGAZINE - while he was out of the country - his subscription ran out.

Well as you might have notice by now - I'm a happy one. I have sister who I have always adorned who has some time to share with me (and so affectionately as well!). I have a pet fish - we are waiting to see if Rick and Kathleen come for an Autumn visit or not - once that is decided, the floodgates open and I want to adopt six kittens, a parakeet (to keep my fish "BETA BLUE" company) and a little puppy dog to boot. You see SANTA..(um sorry...I mean Rick) is allergic to cat and dog hairs - I want SANTA (oops...there I go again - Rick) to feel comfortable when he visits.

In the meantime, my computer still works (thank goodness). I am doing lots of good healthy journaling - loving up my apartment and loving up me. The other night me and my friend Baesel met in the front of the building by chance and we went to a coffee shop and had a really nice chat. I like him - he's a very nice person and he is very nice to me - understanding, caring and protective - which I like. I am taking him to the volunteer place I used to work at THE STATEN ISLAND ALZHEIMER ASSOCIATION THRIFT SHOP AND MAIN OFFICES this Wednesday. Baesel was working for a furniture company for a long time and was recently let go so he has a lot of time on his hands and wants to put it to good use. I suggested I introduce him to the woman who runs the Association and I am sure they could use his steady hands in the basement furniture THIFT STORE. Me? I'm just going to buy some little trinkets and treasures at their THRIFT SHOP (upstairs)...mostly knick knacks and they usually have good sales on tops and jeans and maybe I'll buy one dress (or a jumper) - cause I had to give all my clothesl away (that Vinny encouraged me to get) when Theresa got sick a few years back - I gave them all to... where else? THE ALZHEIMER ASSOCIATION THRIFT SHOP - nine big garbage bags full. Maybe I'll buy some of my old clothes back - I need clothes. I have lots of jeans but I need nice tops - I like button down shirts (cotton mostly pretty and femine). I like to wear these type of shirts over my waste (not tucked in - I never tuck my shirts in). Underneath I like wearing a nice little top as a cover up, to keep me warm and so my Virgin MARY and baby madallion that I bought at the PAULINE BOOK store (which is run by CARMELITTE NUNS) can show - I love that precious medal I bough myself - it gives me confidence, warmth and I believe it keeps me safe - because everyone sees it.

At St. Peter's Church they have a wonderful picture of Mother Theresa in her habit on the right front of the church - I love that picture - I always liked her a lot - I feel very close to her - I enjoy helping people and I suppose she has inspired me in my friendship with people like Theresa - how can one not be patient with the innocent and innocence. I want a picture of Mother Theresa and Madalaine Albright too (President Clinton's Secretary of State - what a wonderful, wonderful woman - her parents died in the Hollocost - I read one of her books and shared some of it with you in photocopies I sent you if you remember. I also love Princess Diana - they recently built a humble memorial for her in England - some sort of sliding pond for children and children of all ages to play in but I it appears that had to shut it down already for repairs because it was too slippery. The Queen was at the opening festivities. Diana was so special and had a gift to bring people together - she would have done many good things (along with Mother Theresa) had they lived.

The ALZHEIMER ASSOCIATION also has a lovely little Memorial Garden in the front of their building - which includes a little tiny reflecting pond for family and friend caregivers. I used to do gardening work there and also played my guitar there and sang at a fund raiser. I love ALZHEIMER's (not the illness - Ronald Reagan had it) but the foundation itself. It's so adorable. I'm sure my friend will love volunteering there a day or two a week and they also give you really nice delicious free lunch - pizza, cakes etc. no fish, no rheindeers in sight just the beautiful peaceful settings of swaying trees, a grasshopper or two and a few bugs as well - but friendly ones.

I love you always,

your are my dear Mama and FRIEND who I treasure!

Love Me,

Michelle-Nicole Amber