Cousin Judi Brand Visits Pasadena (July 31, 2003)

Judi is one of Aunt Elizabeth's daughters, and is Rick's first cousin, since she is the daughter of Rick's Dad's sister. (Aunt Elizabeth just turned a vivacious, independant 90, in San Francisco.) Cousin Judi, of course, is much younger. Although Judi lives part time in LA, she has been traveling and had not yet visited us in our 'new' home. We were delighted when she called and asked if she could 'stop by' before we left, and she went out of town again too!

It was good to be together.

Judi loves books, and enjoyed our library.

Kathy loved the bouquet, Judi brought. Yellow, for the color of our walls!

Kathy and Judi went to the Huntington Gardens, and Kathy showed her the spot (see the bench in the background) where Rick and Kathy were engaged. (Kathy put one of her hats on Judi, as she knew the Huntington sun would be strong.)

It was a very hot day, but this one bird found the coolest spot in the gardens. (The bird on top of the fountain is a real one.)

Happy Judi, thanks for your visit!