Doug visits Caltech (July, 2003)

Doug Leonard, our dear friend from Auburn, Alabama has been here this month,as a guest of Caltech. A fellow combinatorial mathematician (former student of Rick's at Ohio State University), flute player (Rick learned recorder from him in the 70's), and cacti and succulent enthusiast, we had so much to share.

Doug gave a series of lectures at Caltech.(Kathy photo)

When they were not at Caltech working, Doug and Rick were doing this. (Kathy photo)

Well, okay, sometimes they were doing this. A weekend in Santa Barbara. (Kathy photo)

While Doug and Rick were doing that, Kathy was doing this. Well obviously, Rick wasn't always doing that. Sometimes he did this. (Doug took this photo of Kathy selling her work at the Art Festival at the Old Mission in Santa Barbara on the 4th of July. Helping her that day, in the foreground, is niece Sara, daughter of Kathy's sister Maureen.)

Doug visited many plants while he was here. (Doug photo)

The Huntington Gardens had a large cacti and succulent show and sale. (Doug photo)

Many friends gathered to meet and greet him. Here we are with friend Harry Bower, who flew from San Francisco to play flutes and enjoy Santa Barbara (pictured here) and Pasadena with us. (Anonymous photo)

The picture of relaxation, trusty kaleidoscope in hand, Doug looks forward to the rest of his visit. (Kathy photo)

The roses are blooming in Pasadena! This is the first of our reports on Doug's visit. So many gatherings and happenings this July. Musical soirees and family visits. Kathy's son Tim and grandson Dylan visited our newly finished Pasadena condo for the first time. More to come about that! (Kathy photos, Rick collage)