fragrant breeze in spring grass
my purple blanket
jacaranda snow

— KW, Pasadena

Jacaranda Haiku
composed by Kath Wilson
during three concerts, 4 P.M to midnight, November 4, 2006
"Heat and Light: A Pan American Music Martathon"
4 P.M to midnight, November 4, 2006

Concert One

1. (Copland)

balance on her lips
riding a silver ray
two octaves up

2. (Ives)

sensual overload
circus party line
the last stop

3. (Ginestra)

man in the red shirt
lives in a piano on fire
fingers aflame

4. (Varese)

density of platinum
flute solo

5. (Golijov)

under the delirious raucous now
the bass clarinet
touches bottom

6. (Roldan)

tapping fingers
till it's over
too soon

Concert Two

1. (Varese)

no detour percussion
freeway dissolves
to siren song

2. (Revuletatas)

intensity of four sighs
two iotas
a violet and a hello

3. (Ginestra)

flaming sheets
memory on fire
ebony fountain

4. (Adams)

shimmery shakes
ice through trees
echoes frozen pond

5. (Adams)

open the gate
rushes through

6. (Harrison)

flower pots and washtubs
everything's upside down
brimming over empty

Concert Three

1. (Reich)

four hands clapping
what's left for the audience

2. (Cage)

pale night
hidden in deep words

3. (Reich)

mallet woods
slender humans
amidst clanging trees

"take a trip
trick or treat
pick a tree" *

*Rick Wilson "heard" these words
played by the mallets

5. (Riley)

mesmorizing night
incessant memory
cicadas in jacaranda