Memories of Boxwood Winter Weekend (2003)

by Kathy and Rick

The Chris Norman Ensemble concert at the Boxwood Winter Weekend, in Eau Clare, Wisconsin (March, 2003) was based on material from their newest CD 'The Caledonian Flute'. As Chris announced, this is an attempt to restore the flute to its 'proper place in the Scottish repertoire'.

Chris and the band will be coming to Pasadena on Saturday, September 6. 8:00 PM, Throop Memorial Church, 300 S. Los Robles.

One commonly hears fiddles and pipes in Scottish music, but the first published collection of Scottish music was in fact published for the FLUTE (by James Oswald in 1740)! Chris played small Scottish bagpipes (played with a bellows under the arm) as well as flute.

All members of the four-man band are fine musicians, full of energy.

As part of Chris's solo encore James jumped up and did a wild Morris dance, something he has done since he was 5 years old! (Not pictured here; you will have to imagine this one!)