Kristin Rule, on the right is our cheerful, graceful and talented ballet teacher and Dance Troupe co-coordinator at Caltech. Valerie Scott (left) is another troupe member we try to imitate. She leads some of the advanced troupe practice sessions with her dynamic style.

Kathy's Mom attends and photographs Kathy's ballet class at the Caltech Athletic Club to celebrate Kathy's birthday in September. .

Thank you Mamma...(Mary sent Kathy to ballet classes for a year or two when she was little. Now Kathy has attended several more hours of ballet, beginning to recapture her childhood!)

On the left, Elizabeth Beck, Kathy's first instructor at Caltech. instructor
with Kathy
after her first beginning ballet class. It was Elizabeth's patient, inviting attitude that made Kathy feel welcome. Not many students take a 50 year break in their practice and can go back so happily!

Students set up the balance bars for practice in the multi-purpose room

This is a free introductory ballet class for women and men with little or no prior dance experience. Students will learn basic ballet technique which leads to better balance, flexibility, and strength.

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