September 16, 2003

Miniature watercolor on handmade paper by Kathy

On a recent visit to the Huntington Gardens Rick remembers that is where he asked Kathy to marry him.

Kathy welcomes guests at our Pasadena Condo. She is dressed in what she wore for the family the dinner the night before our wedding concert. The balloon says "celebrate" and was a gift from grandson Dylan.

The painting by the door above, in the gold frame, is by Rick when he was about 12 years old. The rug was made by Rick's mom. You can just see the pretty arch inside our condo, where we took out a closet and created an alcove for presenting art. On the left, outside our door is a photo of us with the wonderful cake by our friend Harry Bower, of San Francisco . (He will come celebrate soon. )

Our friend and neighbor, Gordon, brought his didjeridu.

Friends from the frame shop who have done a lot of work for us visited— Nick, Marina, and her daughter Diana. They've framed all of Ricks paintings from the past, which Kathy discovered in the closets when moving out of the condo for renovations...

On Sunday morning we left for Santa Barbara, Kathy sold at the Art Show, and in the evening we got home and Colleen had prepared our anniversary table. To the right on the wall is a painting Rick did of a sailboat in a lagoon, when he was about 10 years old.

Our first guests were Sammi and Debby, who were the two hospice nurses that attended Fred, and who warmly attended our wedding and are our dear friends.

It was special to share quietly the story of our Iran trip... Kathy's Iran journal is on the table. The journal was a gift from Colleen, and our friend, IPM director Reza, called it 'the holy book'.

On the right is our dear friend Carol Kenyon, who does art restoration (her husband Fred was on a plane coming back from the east coast...we missed him), and Terry and Sharon Collier, our contractor for our Pasadena condo, and his wife. Some people are amazed that anyone can still be friends with a contractor...but he is still our friend!

Colleen did a version of her flamenco dancing appropriate to our friend Joe Moir's Macedonian bagpipe playing.

Kathy and younger sister Maureen happily share some moments together. (Newly separated, Maureen, a beautiful, vivacious creature, is available for dating. (Contact Kathy for matchmaking services.)

Kathy feels close to Maureens children, Sara and Julian, both violinists and dear people.

In the midst of celebration, some dear moments of conversation. Hyla Fetler and Tracy Fernandez, dear longtime Santa Barbara friends, were with us. To their right, our next door neighbor, Viola, a professor of Linguistics at UCSB, due to have a baby soon.

On our anniversary (the Tuesday before the party) we went to lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant and had our picture taken. Rick gave Kathy a tiny ruby surrounded by tinier diamonds, and Kathy gave Rick the new digital camera with which he took most of these photos!

Joe Moir, of Macedonian bagpipe fame, and his wife Dominque were just back to their home in Santa Monica from their other home in the southwest of France. They brought a disc of photos that they had not yet seen. To the upper left in this photo, you can see our real wedding canopy, a sparkly cloth from India. It is placed below the entry way light, and all four bamboo poles decorated by Kathy for the wedding are there too, framing the four directions. Kathy's silk wedding bouquet (not quite visible here) is over the front door.

On the right is Rick's brother, Phil, to his left, Kathy's happy mother, Mary, to the left of us is Kathy's sister Maureen, and to her left Kathy's son Timothy, his son Dylan. To his left is cousin Arnold Borker.

text by Kathy many photos by Rick